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It's time for change in District 3

We need leaders that are dedicated to moving our nation forward while protecting the interests of the American people. I am that leader.

I will work to build relationships and to encourage progress that can address the issues that our nation faces. Currently, our representative is not working to rebuild the middle class or working to make sure that children receive a quality, affordable education. We are not seeing progress when it comes to addressing the healthcare needs of all our citizens or rebuilding our roads, highways and bridges. We are not improving veteran healthcare benefits and we are not ensuring they have the resources they need when they return home.

Promised immigration reform has not happened. We still have not established a fair and livable wage that will allow families to meet their financial needs. As long as the people that write the legislation that can make a difference are led by lobbyists and wealthy donors nothing will change. As long as our politicians refuse to sit down and work together we cannot come to equitable resolutions and make progress towards a better America.

As your voice in the House of Representatives, I promise that I will work to address the issues that are important to District 3 and the rest of this great nation.

Affordable Education
Fair Wages

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