Affordable Education

It’s time to make education a priority in our nation.

The United States is lagging behind many of the developed nations around the world. This impedes our ability to compete globally. The current administration is doing nothing to address the educational needs of our young people.

We need to address the needs of our K-12 schools and see that they have the funding to educate our children. Time after time funding is cut, teachers are not receiving the pay that they deserve and schools are left in disrepair. Why? Because education is no longer a priority for our government leaders. There is something very wrong with that.

We need to realize that in today’s advanced world that a high school education is no longer enough to lead to a job that will provide a good living. The first two years of college or a trade school should be free. By raising the level of education for all citizens, we are giving future generations a chance to succeed.

For those that wish to go on to college and receive a degree, we must make it affordable for them to do so. We need to lower interest rates on college loans. The interest rate should be parallel to the mortgage interest rate with the cap of 4%.  As of today, six months after graduation a student must begin to pay their college debt. This is unreasonable and does not allow enough time to establish themselves in a profession where they are then able to make the payments. This leads to defaults on the loans and many college students find that it is better to stay in school and not enter the job market to avoid making the current high-interest payments.

Educating our future generations must be a #1 priority if our country wants to prosper and grow!