Fair Wages

It’s time to give a raise to the American people.

Today big corporations are making record-breaking profits but these profits are used for share buybacks, dividend payments and to pay exorbitant salaries for top company officials. Now, with the Republicans ramming through tax code reforms that favor the top 1% of our nation’s citizens the wealth distribution in our nation will teeter even further in favor of the wealthy. Why should the average family of four struggle to make ends meet? Why should they have to worry that they are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy? Why should only the privileged be guaranteed a quality education? Did you know that there is no state in our nation where a worker that earns minimum wage can afford a 2 bedroom apartment?

Increasing wages stimulate the economy by increasing buying power of the majority of our citizens.

The redistribution of wealth towards the top 1% stagnates the economy. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not being truthful. Corporations that earn high profits will hand that money over to their stakeholders, not the common worker.

Fair wages will improve the lives of workers, their families, reduce their dependency on social programs and boost our economy.