Access to affordable healthcare should not be an issue in an advanced country.

The workings of our healthcare system are currently decided by greed not need. This is a dangerous approach. No one in our country should face bankruptcy and financial ruin due to illness.

Our current body of Congress cannot seem to address the needs of our citizens, they are allowing the Washington lobbyists to help write the legislation that decides how the needs of the people are met. That is wrong.

Parents should know that they can take a sick child to the doctor, the elderly should not have to skip doses of vital medications to make ends meet and people who suffer from catastrophic illnesses should not lose their homes.

Unfortunately, healthcare has become a big business. Insurance companies, healthcare conglomerates and pharmaceutical companies are willing to pay millions of dollars to lobbyists to work with politicians on “healthcare reform”. This is not how to help the American people.

We need people in Congress that understand that affordable, quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege.