There is only one way to move our nation forward and that is if we work together to address the needs of our citizens.

Congress has become divided and non-inclusive and this is not how a functioning democracy succeeds. Voting along strict party lines with no care as to the value of the legislation and how it will affect the people of our nations has left us unable to make progress.

I will work to build relationships that encourage bipartisan efforts to legislate. I will vote according to the needs of the people of District 3, not corporations and the 1%. It is my hope that when I am elected as your Congressional Representative and take my seat at the table, I will bring a voice of reason and a sincere desire to work with others to do what’s right for the American people.

There are many contentious issues that we face today, such as healthcare and immigration reform, the needs of our veterans, our nation’s security, education reforms and much, much more. Each issue must be evaluated on an individual basis and will need common-sense approaches to resolve. We can’t make real, lasting progress if we pander to rich donors and big business. That is where we are failing.

By working together in a bipartisan manner we can rebuild the trust that the American people have lost in our ability to do our jobs in Congress.

I have a proven track record of bringing people together to find solutions. It’s time for a change in District 3.